Cancellation & Return Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Since these are one of a kind items and there are various processes that these figures take to complete  under no circumstances can an order be cancelled once it is placed.  There are points in time that minor changes (clean vs. dirty), color of a jersey can be altered(not always), but again, under no circumstances can an order be cancelled.

Too much time & effort goes into creating these one of a kind  items.

Therefore under no circumstances can an order be cancelled.  Thank you for your understanding.


Deposits are non-refundable. You are paying for my time and effort as much as a finished product, and once an order has been started, it cannot be cancelled(see above). An order will not be shipped until the balance is paid.


Return Policy:

Damaged during transit:  If the item is damaged during transit, then it needs to be brought to my attention so that I can discuss the matter with the USPS and decide whether a claim needs to be filed or not. Pictures of the “damage” would help. If you attempt to move an arm/head that has been secured in to place, the quick fix is to attach it via super glue. If you would prefer to return it(at your cost), for me to fix it, then I can and will and return the figure back to you. No refunds are given. The issue will be addressed and corrected. If a USPS claim is necessary, then we will have to follow their guidelines from that point forward.

Personalized figures: Unless it meets the criteria above, then a personalized figure cannot be returned under any other circumstances, and in the examples above, the issue will be addressed and the figure sent back to you. Under no circumstances will a personalized figure be refunded.



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