Figure Size:

All figures pictured on the site are from what McFarlane called their 6″ line. There are a handful that were created on a slightly smaller scale, but for the most part they are on the 6″ scale. The 12″ figures that I have made previously are not pictured so that there is no confusion about the size of the figure. The 12″ options can be viewed at the bottom of the base figure page.

Price List: 

I do not have a set price list. Some base figures have a more volatile price on the secondary market/ebay/amazon/clarktoys/etc, and it is all but impossible to monitor those changes so that a price list is always up to date.

Therefore, if you are interested in Mike Webster 7 vs Mike Webster 6, as an example, simply send me a note requesting a quote on both.

Special Dates: 

If a figure is needed by a special date, i.e. Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary, then that date has to be provided up front and discussed prior to purchase.  I can attempt to accommodate it after the fact, but you can’t inform me that a previously purchased item is a Christmas present on 12/12, or a week before a birthday.

Store Front: 

I’m in the process of revamping my store front so that previously made figures can be offered in the uniform of your choice to be made again (this is under construction).

Arm Switch: 

This is when I use arms from another player on a base figure.

Here is an example of Shaun Alexander 2 made with different arms:

Here is an example of Priest Holmes 2, a running back made to look like a linebacker/safety with an arm switch.

Other examples:



These action figures are not meant to be played with, moved and or adjusted. A times during the reattachment process an arm or a head has to be glued, mounted or permanently positioned, so turning a head or an arm might damage/break the figure.

Base Figure: 

This is the mcfarlane figure that the custom is made off of. When submitting a request, if you have something specific in mind, then I can quote it out for you. If you do not, then I can provide examples of various base figures. The cost of this is the biggest variable from month to month. Some base figures were made in limited supply and are more expensive on the secondary market such as ebay and the good ole Supply and Demand curve.If a customer would like to supply the base figure, then that is fine and it would simply remove that from the pricing equation.

The base figure catalog can be found here:

Combo Pose: 

Let’s call this the Dr. Frankenstein section. Sometimes I can take the torso from Figure A and the legs from figure B and they fit together smoothly.  A + B =Combo Pose. Those do not happen very often.

At times there is shaving/cutting/sculpting involved to get pieces of various figures to look like they came together naturally.


Dick Butkus top on Tim Tebow’s legs.

Marvin Harrison 2’s top on Vince Young’s legs.

Parts from 3-4 figures went into these two. 

Game Specific: If you have a specific game in mind, such as a Super Bowl, or quite possibly a game you attended then if you make that known, I can attempt to review photography to try to capture the specifics of that game. Images certainly help when trying to accomplish this.



You can submit offers for any figure that has been previously made via the form in the upper right hand corner. If you’d like a different uniform then make that information known(the more specific you are the better). If the offer is acceptable, you’ll receive an email and an invoice via paypal. If your offer is not acceptable you‘ll receive an email with the price to complete the project.  

Star Player vs. Backup: 

A lady once inquired about a Kyle Orton figure. I quoted the figure out to her, and her response was if Kyle Orton costs x, what do you charge for John Elway or Peyton Manning. Well in this specific case Kyle Orton, John Elway, Peyton, Manning, Jake Plummer, Brock Osweiler, Brady Quinn, etc all would be priced the same if they are to be made with the same uniform and base figure. 

Straight Repaint:

This is when I take figure x, and turn it into player y without any modifications or part switches. This can be a player from his NFL figure in to his College uniform. An NFL player with a new team. Examples:

Archie Manning Saints into Archie Manning Ole Miss

Tim Tebow into Cam Newton(though I did make a facemask switch and added the shield for Newton.

Lesean McCoy into Maurice Jones-Drew

 Wes Welker from his Patriots figure into his Broncos uniform.


Remaking a Figure:

When you want a figure that has previously been remade, we attempt to use the exact same part combination, but there are times when we have to use a slightly different arm/head/etc. 

Toy/Action figure vs. Trophy:

Even those these mcfarlane figures are sold in the toy sections and at stores like Toys-R-Us a custom Mcfarlane is not a toy nor an action figure. A customer bought a figure once and said that his son decided to take it into the bathtub with him. Well this ruined the decals and the paint job on the figure and he had to send it back to have it redone and now the figure sits on his book shelf with his T-ball trophy.

Throwback jersey:

Some teams wear these on an annual basis. Some wear different throwback uniforms from year to year. In 1994, each of the NFL teams wore “throwback uniforms”.Some teams do not have them. Carolina for example has worn 3 jerseys with only slight changes to the logo and the manufacturer over the year but for the most part their uniforms haven’t changed much since 1995. Jacksonville who came in the same year has had numerous rebrands when it comes to their uniform.  


3rd alternative jersey:

Throwback jersey:



Custom packaging is no longer available. If you see a figure that has it, please note that it was previously made and not available via a future purchase.

Uniform Scheme: 

The best explanation for this is, the uniform that you want the figure made with. Every team has a home & away jersey. Most teams have either a 3rd alternative jersey or a throwback jersey of some sort. When it comes to college figures, the options often increase with multiple helmets and other designs. The old adage “A picture’s worth 1,000 words” rings very true when it comes to various uniforms. If you can send an image of the specific uniform, you have in mind all it can do is help.

For example
Carolina now wears Black pants or Silver pants with their Black jersey. So if you have a preference please make that known.

One resource I use when it comes to the uniform schemes from year to year is:


If you click a team it shows you the various uniform combinations the team wore in each year.

Used figure:

This comes from ebay. I once listed a figure that I created an insert/package, and the buyer had an issue claiming it was not real because it wasn’t sealed. He seemed to ignore the multiple uses of the word custom, after discussing the matter with
ebay, I have since listed each of the customs on ebay as “used”, since 
they aren’t “new in a box”. The custom figure itself
isn’t used, or in used shape as if it were to be compared to a catcher’s mitt, it is simply not “new”.

Unauthorized email:

It was brought to my attention that someone created this email address on 2/26/18


I do not own it, am not associated with it, and am attempting to have it closed.

Thanks again,




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