^Pick the Uniform: Carolina Panthers: Luke Kuechly 2


This figure is offered in this pose, but in your choice of Carolina Panthers uniforms. It is shown in the Black Jersey Silver Pants variation. If you have a question about any of the uniform specifics, please use the form in the upper right hand corner. 


Carolina Panthers: Luke Kuechly 2 custom mcfarlane by www.playactioncustoms.com

The Panthers for the most part have generally have had the same uniform scheme since ’95. They altered the logo in ’12, and changed the pants in ’19. So If you have a specific year you want captured, then simply send a note following your purchase. The ’95, 10th, 20th, and 25th anniversary patches, and or SB patches can be added as well to the corresponding uniforms.

Additional information

Uniform Preference

Black Jersey/Black Pants, Black Jersey/Silver Pants, Black Jersey/White Pants, Black Jersey/Blue Pants, Blue Jersey/Blue Pants, Blue Jersey/Black Pants, Blue Jersey/White Pants, Blue Jersey/Silver Pants, White Jersey/White Pants, White Jersey/Black Pants, White Jersey/Blue Pants

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